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Hank: You're up early.
Evan: That would assume that I went to sleep.

Hank: What? You sleep out here each day?
Pete: You believe lightening can strike twice?

Hank: Infant formula? Really?
Evan: Yeah, I got those on sale.

Natalie: Did you figure it out?
Hank: I think I'm Going To Be Sick.
Hank: A plus doctor.

Hank: Are you seriously pulling doctor patient confidentiality on me?
Emily: Sorry.

Hank: What's going on?
Jill: They're filming a realty TV show. Apparently all you need is a camera and people with no shame.

(to Evan) Way to go Einstein. You nailed it again.

(to Evan) She says that you got it on mute.

(to Jill) I miss you too.

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