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Pete: You play at the B&B all the time.
Claudia: Where no one can here me. Especially you, quit eavesdropping on me.

I'm the princess? What are those things on my chest?

Pete: I thought the giant axe was kind of a turn on.
Claudia: I officially know what too much about you.

Artie: I'm just gonna pretend we own a big down.
Claudia: We kinda do.

We're looking for a flask at a Civil War Reenactment, a place where flasks go to die.

Pete: Hey, that sounds like cannonfire.
Claudia: Brilliant! There's that college education rearing its ugly head.

We still use stealth, just use really, really fast stealth.

Told you I was Laverne! Such a Laverne move! Come on Shirley!

Soldier: Damn Trekkies, always crashing the party pretending they're time travelers.
Claudia: What a nerd.

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