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Claudia: How long have you two been partners?
Myka: 3 hours.
Pete: 3 years.

Not now Gramps, I'm being awesome.

Okay, it razzled, I'm dazzled. Now let's find your brush, my compass, and we'll get you some courage.

What I know is I'm tired of arbitrary rules. The metronome is for Steve, I'm bringing him back.

Claudia: No, I've known about the Pete cave forever, who do you think keeps it stocked with cream soda?
Pete: Really, that was you?

Did you just Mrs. Frederick me?

That would be lying and if there is one thing I would never do...

Cashier: That's weird.
Claudia: Not when you get to know us.

Yeah, not exactly the adjective I'd use right now.

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