Steve: What the hell is a BFFE?
Claudia: Best Friend Forever.

Yeah Steve, no problem, I'll just, like, forget everything about our awesome friendship if you'll just tell me why you are being such a tool!

She raised her eyebrow at this... and walked on.

Oh ho ho, in your face grim reaper!

And now the sultan of suckwad over there is trying to kill me.

Artie, I just lot my partner you can't expect me to dive right back into a case.

Wow, looks like glitter is making a comeback.

The object you're using to kill people, whatever it is.

Myka, what the frak?

Yeah, but you heard her, people get whammied whenever she gets upset and if you haven't noticed are being her is making her very upset.

Thanks for ruining my perfect retrieval record Dolly Parton.

Tesla Grenade, don't leave home without it.