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Claudia: Great, well that explains everything! Except for the part where you said the Warehouse automatically expands.
Artie: That's right, surprise!

Yeah, let's shoot some goo up there...I'm so glad Pete's not here.

What? I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with the horse.

Listen, if you ever mistreat a horse again I'll send you to a glue factory. Tell all your friends.

Claudia: Are you ok?
Pete: I got dirt in places where dirt should never be.

Pete: Holy ganja Batman.
Claudia: Ah, the blue glow was for the grow lights.

[talking to herself] Go with Pete they say, you'll love it, sunshine and fresh air. [Slaps a bug on her neck] Why am I so delicious to you?

Claudia: Holy metaphor, Artie's brain is...
Steve: the warehouse. I can't say I'm surprise.
Claudia: I figured it had to either be this or a magical land made entirely of doughnuts.

Steve: Wait, Pete and Myka get a dagger and we get a plague? Why don't we stop being the B-Team?
Claudia: We are not the B-Team fool, we are the second A-Team.

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