I remember every moment we spent together. But like it was in a movie. Someone else's amazing movie.

Cassie: Using dark magic is getting too easy.
Adam: But you stopped. That's because you and me are stronger than dark magic, or any of this.

Cassie: What if we can't get out from underneath their past? What if we're stuck just repeating their mistakes?
Adam: I don't believe that. Our fate is our own, to screw up however we want.

I have dark magic up to my eyeballs, thanks to you, and I haven't changed.

Cassie: Now there's no reason for you to stay.
John: Now there is every reason for me to stay. You can't protect yourself.

I don't know where to start. An entire childhood and adolescence of questions.

Cassie: You look so familiar, have we met before?
Lucy: Sixteen years ago in the boat yard fire.

Cassie: You tried to steal my power.
Faye: You keep whining about how much you don't want your dark magic. I was doing you a favor.

Cassie: Hey, you're doing this, aren't you? Why do you have solo magic?
Faye: If you must know, I borrowed some of yours.

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