Why the long face Michael Phelps?

Are you calling me a trophy wife because that's awesome!

Aww boo, you're not laughing, what's wrong? You consti?

Kerkovich? More like Kerkobitch.

I need some hand sani for my face.

I was an investment banker Max. That's like one step below tonight show bandleader.

Max leads a league in having jobs you didn't know were jobs.

Max: Well BBF why don't you tell me what you used to do on our Saturdays?
Brad: Well, GFF...Gay Fat Friend, I'd start out with lunch then I'd do a little clothes shopping, work out with my trainer and then end my day with a little steam. The perfect Sabado.

Jane: Wait, the not looking me in the eyes, the nervous tick in your boob.
Brad: That thing's jumpin like Kris Kross.

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