Andy: Bro five. What up. L'chaim.
Club owner: What?
Andy: Nothing. I forgot where I was for a second.

Nancy: Did you get the passports?
Andy: No.
Nancy: What, do we need more money?
Andy: We need Shane, actually.
Nancy: What?
Andy: We need to kill somebody.

Guy that they hit: Give me a hundred bucks and we'll call it a day.
Andy: That seems to be the popular number these days.

Shane: It definitely happened.
Silas: Gross.
Andy: Hey never confirmed.
Doug: They had sex.

Nancy: I like it here.
Andy: You got laid.
Nancy: I want to stay here for a while.

(to Silas) Didn't even try to bargain. What's the matter with you? Where's you're Jewish at?

Jesus saves.

We should live as gentile puppies.

Our God is a forgiving God.

Andy: Oh Shit! Flush the drugs! Eat! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
Doug: What!? No drugs?!

I'll lead in the God mobile, you follow.

Andy: This is tasty.
Silas: It's leftover from Seattle. I just added a little cinnamon for flavor.
Andy: Sometimes I think you're the son I never had.
Silas: Thanks.
Andy: I'm serious. I feel a special kinship.
Silas: Cause we're related.
Andy: I'm talking spiritual kinship.