Audrey: I still don't know what to do about Noah Solloway. I'm just gonna fuck him and get it over with, and then I'll stop thinking about him.
Juliette: But if you sleep with him, you'll never actually know what he thinks of your work.
Audrey: Fuck.

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 3: "303"
The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Audrey: Did I tell you I'm taking his class?
Juliette: No.
Audrey: Well I am, and he's a complete dick, an utter asshole, and all I can do is think about fucking him.

Audrey: That's why the university needs to establish and enforce a mandate of verbal consent.
Juliette: I understand how such a thing would protect the university, but I don't see how sex itself would survive.
Audrey: Why not?
Juliette: Because I'm afraid the articulate is the enemy of the erotic. Isn't the whole point that you don't know what your love will do next, that you give yourself over to a sensory experience that you haven't planned and can't control? The reason I like sex is because I can finally, for a moment, turn off my neurotic mind, and just be consumed. If I give my lover permission, yes, no, touch me, not there, don't I undermine the potency of his desire?