Dark Lord: And to fulfill the promise of your existence.
Mary: I do not understand.
Dark Lord: My father took on a suit of flesh, he required two Marys -- one to birth him and one to love him. But I only need one Mary. You...my mother...and my bride.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 5: "The Witch Is Back"
WGN America
Oliver Bell, Janet Montgomery
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Salem Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Mary: One thing has enacted me. When I returned my son did not seem surprised, as if...
Tituba: As if he knew you were coming?
Mary: Yes.
Tituba: You are in greater danger than we could have known. If you would survive, trust no one.
Mary: You examine the Essex Witches, leave me to make my first move.
Tituba: Which is?
Mary: Why to trust no one, of course.

Cotton: The Devil wants me to be his biographer, to recount his glorious failed rebellion against the "tyrant" God. It is a cosmic joke!
Anne: But I am grateful that he has spared you, almost as grateful as I am...that you spared me.