Lady Eve: Well, well, well. I thought I saw you when I was in Resurrection, but I assumed I was dreaming. Now you’re back on top in Freeland.
Lala: I like this little hustle that you’ve got going here.
Lady Eve: Let me guess, you want a piece?
Lala: Nah, I’m taking the whole thing. As of right now, you work for me.
Lady Eve: Ain’t gonna happen.
Lala: I know where Lazarus’ creepy a** stay. If I smoke both of y’all, there ain’t no coming back for you. Be careful writing checks with your mouth that you’re a** can’t cash.
Lady Eve: Honey, you’d be surprised at what this a** can do. Now I’d appreciate it if you’d leave and take the 40 hitters you have waiting outside to leave with you.

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11: "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two"
Black Lightning
The CW
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Jefferson: So, you feel like this is our fault?
Jennifer: No, I don’t. But, they’re growing everyday and it’s painful. I love you and Mom, but you made me feel like some sort of freak who had to be locked up all the time. And Odell, he made me feel special. I know this sounds crazy, but he set me free in ways I never could’ve imaged. He took me to space, Dad. I’ve been to space!

Lynn: If this meta-booster works, I can temporarily augment normal cells transferred to a particular metahuman profile.
Sergeant Grayle: That’s unbelievable! Everyone can have powers.
Lynn: Temporarily. If it works, I can sneak Tobias out, but I have to test it out on myself to be certain.
Sergeant Grayle: No. You’re too important. What if something goes wrong? I’ll do it.