Torres: How the hell did I get here?
Gibbs: You asking me?
Torres: I'm sure I don't even know where here is?
Gibbs: Apex Marina.
Torres: And what happened to me?
Gibbs: Are these rhetorical questions?

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NCIS Season 16 Episode 18: "Mona Lisa"
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NCIS Season 16 Episode 18 Quotes

Bishop: Hey, have you seen Torres?
McGee: Um, I'm doing fine. Thank you for asking.
Bishop: Oh, okay, McGee, I just saw you like eight hours ago. Do we really need to debrief every morning?
McGee: Well, I guess not.

McGee: How many times did you try calling him?
Bishop: Thirteen, I just, I really hate paperwork.
McGee: No judgments.