Hermione: Veronica...come here, Miha.
Hiram: I came home early to surprise you. Imagine my surprise when you weren’t here to greet me.
Hermione: And she drank your Cristal....
Hiram: So disrespectful. Not like you at all, Miha.
Veronica: I’ve changed. You have no idea. Question is, have you?
Hiram: Not so much that I still don’t want a kiss from my daughter.
[She walks over and gives him a light kiss on the cheek]
Veronica: By the way, in case either of you were wondering, Mr. Andrews woke up. He’s going to make it. I know we’re all really happy about that.
[She turns around and leaves]

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1: "Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying"
The CW
Marisol Nichols, Camila Mendes
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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Hermione: So, because you’re so determined to paint your father as a villain, you assume he must have put a hit on Fred Andrews? Do you?
Veronica: Not him. You. I don’t think you’re an innocent pawn, Mom. I think you’re Daddy’s eyes and ears on the ground calling the shots.
Hermione: You genuinely believe that?
Veronica: If the Manolo Blahnik fits.
[Hermione gets up]
Hermione: Miha, your disrespect will no longer be tolerated. Not by me and certainly not by her father when he comes home. So word of advice: get back in line with this family. Because you are a Lodge before anything else.
[She learns forward]
Hermione: I should slap you for what you’re insinuating, but I’m not a violent person.

Cheryl: If you tell anyone the truth about what happened with the fire, I’ll tell everyone about what really happened in the barn with Daddy. You were cruel to me, Mother. It was abuse. Please, Mom.
[Cheryl starts squeezing Penelope’s breathing tube and she whispers]
Cheryl: So, hence forth: if you breathe, it’s because I give you air. If you drink, it’s because I’ve poured your cup myself. And, If you move, it is quietly and with my blessing.
[She releases the breathing tube]
Cheryl: Things are going to be different now, Mommy. Better...you’ll see.