Abigail: You believed me enough to try to go search Gabi's purse, which means there's a part of you which believes that what I'm saying is possible.
JJ: Gabi's admitted that she's angry, but to go as far as framing you... she swears that all she wants is what's best for you.
Abigail: And Gabi's never lied before? Has she never gone extreme? I think you know that's not true. What's best for me in Gabi's little world is this. A lie locks me up, that sound familiar? Mother separated from her child. Check. She's trying to punish me and everyone who believes her is letting it happen.

Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Hope: Where are you going?
Rafe: I'm gonna find Ted and then I'm gonna kill him.
Hope: Of course. It's a lot easier to run away and throw punches at Ted than stay here and fight for our marriage.

You had blackout sex!