Rollins: I remember looking out the window and praying my dad would come home. He'd just beat the snot out of my mom and I still wanted him to come home!
Benson: Of course you did, because all children want their parents together.
Rollins: She could have called the sheriff, you know. We had a gun locker in the home. But no, she had to be the martyr. She wasn't happy unless she was.
Benson: Because he made her that way!
Rollins: No, he didn't. She had this weakness in her that started a long time before she even met him.
Benson: How do you know?
Rollins: I know because I know this [grabs something from table] is not this [grabs water bottle]. I don't know how I know, but I know, because I was the one who stared out that window praying that my dad would come home. I was petrified that if he didn't, I'd grow up to be weak like my mom!
Benson: Amanda. That's no reason to hate your mom. Maybe it's time for you to come out from the shadows.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 14: "Part 33"
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 14 Quotes

This is a very simple case. Annabeth Pearl is guilty of murder in the second degree.


And that's all you want to tell me? [Gets no answers] Okay. Then we are done here.