Archer: Lana! I mean, Ms. Kane.
Lana: Lana is fine.
Archer: I'll say.
Lana: You'll say what?
Archer: Uhhh, nothing?
Lana: Ahhh, a man of mystery.

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Lana Kane
Archer Season 8 Episode 5: "Archer Dreamland: Sleepers Wake"
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Archer Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Cyril/Figgis: As the Lord our God Himself is my witness, upon the conclusion of my current business, I shall return to this place, and visit upon you an apocalypse of such terror and destruction that you will rue, RUE, the very fact of your miserable birth!!
Coroner: (munches on hot dog) I'll be here!

Are you kidding? Dreamland has a whole goddamn Nazi robot farm in the basement. In THIS economy!

Dutch Dylan/Barry