Adina: So, this Evita, how does she know so much about vampires?
Tyrone: Her father owns one of those voodoo shops in the Quarter. She does those tours, you know.
Adina: Yeah, I know. I’ve never been on one. How many have you been on?
[Tyrone laughs]
Tyrone: Hey, don’t worry about that.
Adina: A mother needs to worry about that.

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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4: "Rabbit Hold"
Cloak and Dagger
Aubrey Joseph
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Tyrone: What if I’m not afraid of you?
[Tandy raises her white dagger]
Tandy: You always have been at some level.
[She throws the dagger at Tyrone]
Tyrone: Nah, I’m probably the only person on this earth who knows the real you.
Tandy: You know what I’ve been through, what I’m capable of, but it goes both ways. I see your darkness too.

Tandy: Are you alright?
Papa Legba: I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. What about you?
Tandy: I don’t know. I walked through this door that my friend made.
Papa Legba: Tyrone. Your divine pairing.
Tandy: So, you get that channel?
Papa Legba: We get all the channels.
Tandy: So that means you’re not fun-size Tyrone?
Papa Legba: Nope.
Tandy: So, what’s your name?
Papa Legba: I have too many. I am that which stands at the crossroads. St. Peter. Faterbon. Papa Legba.