So find your people and keep them close because when you're at your lowest, those people get you through.


I knew COVID patients had to suffer in isolation but I never gave any thought to how helpless and alone it feels for the people who care about them.


You changed my life, George. I didn't say it then, but it's true.


Life is precious. That's why we are here.


Rollins: I don't know what's going on, Perry. Maybe you're trying to cover for Lexi. But I do know you cared for Maria.
Perry: I did.
Fin: Should we tell him? Maria was alive when they put her in that freezer.

We all have biases, Hunt. Including you. What matters now is what you do about it. You're the Chief of Trauma. If protocols don't work then read, learn, question, and then change them.


Rollins: Okay, leaks to the press, Brad turning on her after she slept with him. This is officially a witch hunt.
Kat: I just hate the double standard. They all slept together and she's the only one getting slut shamed.
Carisi: Kat, not now.

George: If you stay here, it might break him.
Meredith: I know. I know, George.

Lexie: I told you! I made bad choices!
Rollins: Does that include murder?
Lexie: Wow. Way to blame the victim!

Rollins: How do you think Maria got into that freezer?
Shawn: This city and this year, people have lost their minds.

George: I just want her to let it go. I want her to know I"m still me, even though she can't touch me; she can't see me. But I am still me.
Mer: It's not the same.

The choice is between doing nothing and doing something. Do something!