Revenge dropped a bombshell to conclude season one. Emily's mother is alive. Who should portray her?

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I agree with David. Barbara Alyn Woods would make a perfect mother for Amanda. It needs to be someone that can pull off being an older mother as well as being younger for the flash backs, as younger Amanda's mother. Barbara could do it. From what I understand, Barbara Alyn Woods is young Amanda's real life Mom! I heard she also has an even younger daughter that is an actress too. She could play the role of an 'even younger' Amanda on the show!


Patricia Malcolmson (Deadwood anyone?!). She can play tough and vulnerable at the same time, which I imagine is the right mix for Mama Clarke.


I think that Barbara Alyn Woods/ ONE TREE HILL should certainly play amanda's mum!!!!!!!!!!! I mean she looks just like Emily Vancamp and is the mom of the younger amanda in real life Emily Alyn Lind! If the writers were smart they would go with her!


I think Nicolette Sheridan should play her Mom. She can play evil, twisted and crazy like no other.


Would like to see Laura Linney in the role, although I could see Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Heather Locklear or Nicolette Sheridan as Emily's mom.


Diane Lane because she is beautiful like Emily and a great actress, Jodi Foster would also be great, she is so diverse.


Heather Locklear or Marcia Cross (but can't see how she could pass for Emily's mother)


Big comeback
Winona Ryder


The role should go to a woman that can be both attractive but also have a less "refined" personality and more believable "bad girl" to her and that is Holly Hunter in all accounts. I think David Clark was the kind, gentle and distinguished parent figure who seems like he could have once been attractive to a woman less stable than he was...a man with a good heart that falls in love with the girl who is troubled because he has the "rescuer" type personality. This will visually show case how the real Amanda Clark can has both sides to her as well. It makes the audience still favor David Clark as being the altruistic good guy from the beginning....maybe he fell in love with an emotionally unstable woman when he was young and got her pregnant and wanted to do the right thing by her even though he did not love her as deeply as he loved another woman (Victoria Grayson)....the story can draw all kinds of past and present parallels like with Jack Porter and the fake Amanda and their pregnancy situation....I could just sit here and make up my version season 2 while I wait for it to premiere! I haven't been this interested in a TV show storyline since the LOST series. Good work guys!


As soon as they said in the finale her mother was alive I immediately thought of Michelle Pfieffer. I feel validated that she was an option for voting and that she's gotten the most votes!