Were you shocked that Jessica received the fewest number of votes this week?

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What r the voters thinking? Joshua and Jessica r the best performers and have the best voices. Philip, Elise and Colton are performers with special voices. Holly can be great if she would just relax and sing. Skyler is a great country singer and should do well in that genre.


Hollie sang about it, America got it, Steven, JLo and Randy didn't. "Bullying Sucks"!


I think it was a bit shocking but come to think of it, I think people get sick of hearing the same top performers every week and perhaps contrary to most think, perhaps Jessica is no longer the beloved singer. Well, how many times the judges can save? There are still so many of them. Can they save Joshua if he is on the bottom next week? kind of like drama movie lol.


The whole result was contrived for ratings.....


You guys have bad taste just like those JUDGES!!!! I mean u send the most awsome talented PEOPLE HOME! INSTEAD THE JUDGES SAY THESE IDIOT LOSERS " OHH THEY ARE AMAZING" WHEN THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Get Paula and Simon back ! These judges are ..... Go Hollie!!!


America what are you thinking... What the ____ !!!