And the Winner is?

Chris Colfer vs. Joshua Jackson: Which star do you love more? Cast your vote here and now in the final round matchup of the Tournament of TV Fanatic: Fox Edition!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Chris Colfer

Joshua Jackson

Total Votes: 2235

joshua!! Love fringe


I find this poll inaccurate. I think adults should vote rather than teens and children. Then again, I am a kid... Oh well. Everyone has their opinions.


I love them both.
But my vote goes to Chris Colfer.
Because he can make me see Glee, even if Glee sucks currently.
Chris turns stupid scenes in good scenes, just because he is good actor.


Chris Colfer, he's changing the world with his acting. I didn't have the courage to come out because my dad was homophobic and always making offensive comments. I suggested him that we watch Glee together and now he is a Kurt Hummel fan and accepts me. Chris won a Golden Globe, got nominated for an Emmy twice at the age of 21 and critics love him.


Chris!!! best actor, writer and singer I know.

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