This episode of The Good Wife started and ended with a bang. The case that intervened between the opening and the conclusion of "Mock" didn't hold our interest, however.
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This week's 90210 music includes a duet by Jessica Lowndes and guest star Diego Boneta. Purchase many of these songs off iTunes right now!
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In "Hearts and Minds", Erica, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes must stop a V-filled shuttle from landing and killing them. But, will their actions backfire on them? Read our full recap and let us know what you think!
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It's a competition for Kate Beckett on next week's new episode of Castle. Watch a clip, and check out photos, from the episode "Overkill" now.
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The relationship between Crosby and Jasmine heats up this week on "Namaste No More". Also, Julia coaches Sydney's soccer team, while Haddie needs sex advice, and Zeek finally tells Camille about their financial troubles.
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