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Anyway, all we can do now is sit tight and just chill. Sometimes, there's nothing to do until there's something to do.


Sam: Mr. Bradley, um, we gotta do something; we gotta tell somebody.
Isaiah: No. Leave me dead. My name is buried.
Sam: But the world's different now. I know people.
Isaiah: Man, that's why you're here? You think things are different? You think times are different? You think I wouldn't be dead in a day if you brought me out? You wanna believe jail was my fault because you got that white man's shield. They were worried my story might get out. So, they erased me. My history. But they've been doing that for five hundred years. Pledge allegiance to that, my brother. They will never let a Black man be Captain America. And even if they did, no self-respecting Black man would ever wanna be.