Freeform Quotes

Tandy: I don’t know what you gotta be so afraid of. You seem strong, wily, and honest. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with you? You’re probably too honest.
Tyrone: Is there such a thing?
Tandy: There is! But, it hangs off your shoulders nicely.
Tyrone: I don’t think you live here by accident.
Tandy: What do you mean?
Tyrone: I think you believe in hope.
Tandy: What?
Tyrone: Yeah, you should. I think you should. You’re smart, and you know how to live in this world. You know, it’s not nothing. And it’s not ironic. You and hope.
[She laughs]
Tandy: What are we gonna do, Tyrone Johnson?
Tyrone: I don’t know, Tandy Bowen. The universe keeps pushing us together.
Tandy: The universe keeps pulling us apart. Anyway, it’s nice to have someone to talk to.

Jace: You experimented on me?
Valentine: I made you stronger, faster; more lethal than any other Shadowhunter.
Jace: Why?
Valentine: To create the perfect weapon, the ideal marriage of good and evil: A Shadowhunter with pure demon blood.