Song Artist Heard On
Song Beautiful Smash Cast
Smash-cast-the-national-pastime The National Pastime Smash Cast iTunes
Song Never Give All the Heart Smash Cast
Song Over the Rainbow Smash Cast
The-raveonettes-war-in-heaven War In Heaven The Raveonettes iTunes
Scraping-for-change-electric-lovers Electric Lovers Scraping For Change iTunes
Art-vs-science-aim-fire A.I.M. Fire! Art vs Science. iTunes
Band-of-skulls-the-devil-takes-care-of-his-own The Devil Takes Care Of His Own Band of Skulls
Pretty Little Liars
Season 4 Episode 7: "Crash and Burn, Girl!"
Wax-idols-gold-sneakers Gold Sneakers Wax Idols iTunes
Song Hate & Love Jack Savoretti
The Vampire Diaries
Season 3 Episode 13: "Bringing Out the Dead"
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