Song Artist Heard On
This-the-silent-war-setting-sun Setting Sun This, The Silent War
Season 1 Episode 19: "Toy Soldiers"
Johnny-angel-starlight Starlight Johnny Angel iTunes
Buddy-stuart-poor-little-girl Poor Little Girl Buddy Stuart iTunes
Buddy-stuart-ninety-nine-pounds-of-dynamite Ninety Nine Pounds of Dynamite Buddy Stuart iTunes
Brick-plus-mortar-locked-in-a-cage Locked In a Cage Brick + Mortar iTunes
Us-royalty-breathless Breathless U.S. Royalty iTunes
Angus-stone-be-what-you-be Be What You Be Angus Stone iTunes
Cj-harris-whatever-it-is Whatever It Is C.J. Harris
Cj-harris-american-woman American Woman C.J. Harris iTunes
Sam-woolf-its-time It's Time Sam Woolf
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