Song Artist Heard On
Pumped-up-kicks-1 Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People
Season 7 Episode 4: "Tequila Sunrise"
One Tree Hill
Season 8 Episode 17: "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get"
Gossip Girl
Season 5 Episode 2: "Beauty and the Feast"
In-for-the-kill In For The Kill La Roux iTunes
Little-lady Little Lady General Elektriks
Season 3 Episode 1: "Senior Year, Baby"
One-two One Two Sister Nancy iTunes
Song Beautiful Stinks Eric Hachikian
Song Travel JFK
Song Don't Give It Away FreeSol
Go-hard Go Hard The Rangers iTunes
Song Suppa Rock Aqua and Mike Suppa
Song Mars Fox Eric Hachikian
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Entourage Season 7 Quotes

Listen sweetheart. You wanna call and butter me up with sympathy and then drop this on me because you think that I'm down and will take anything - let me explain this to you in a metaphor you will understand. I am sure there are guys who have fingered you in the ass long enough that eventually you let them fuck it. And now you think you got me bent over with your finger in my ass thinking I will let you do the same. I am not like you Dana. You will not FUCK ME IN THE ASS, VINCE WILL NOT PISS IN A CUP FOR YOU, OR ANYONE ELSE.


He comes from a family of method actors. They'll eat glass if it's in the script.

Ari [on Cassavetes]
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