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Song Rich Girls, Poor Girls Everybody Else iTunes
Without you Without You Everybody Else iTunes
Closer Closer Ne-Yo iTunes
Hurricane jane Hurricane Jane Black Kids iTunes
Song The World Should Revolve Around Me Little Jackie iTunes
Song 28 Butts Little Jackie iTunes
Song The Stoop Little Jackie iTunes
Song That Kiss The Courteeners
Song When I Grow Up The Pussycat Dolls iTunes
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90210 Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I saw your big poster out there in the hallway. I take it your going to homecoming with one of the other big posters. You know, you one dimensional creatures normally stick together. It's a good thing.

Cute Guy from Detention

Dixon: Want to go with me to homecoming?
Silver: No
Dixon: Really? Why?
Silver: Because it's everything that's wrong with this place.... it's a big popularity contest set to music