Zoey and Demetri
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We meet Demetri's fiancee, Zoey, on the third episode of FlashForward. Played by Gabrielle Union, she's seen here at a funeral.

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    New FlashForward Couple

    This is a scene from the FlashForward episode "Course Correction." It originally airs on May 6, 2010.

    As Benford

    Joseph Fiennes is a key player on ABC's FlashForward. He takes on the role of Mark Benford.

    Demetri in Trouble

    This is not a good time to be Demetri. It's a scene from the episode "The Garden of Forking Paths."

    As Mark

    Sorry to tell you this, Joseph Fiennes. But you are absolutely terrible in the role of Mark Benford.

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    That is freaky... Me and my friends have the same name as Zoey, Demetri and Francesca. apart from, Zoey is spelt Zoe, and Demetri is spelt Dimitri :P