Why The Old Suit - Arrow Season 6 Episode 18
We are on Arrow Season 6, but for some reason, Oliver is wearing his Season 1 costume! What is going on?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 18: "Fundamentals"
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Arrow Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Oliver: John. What do you need?
Diggle: Well, Felicity said she need to update the code on my chip. She also said that you would be at City Hall.
Felicity: Well, I said he might be. I didn't say he would be. And yeah, I "Parent Trapped" you, but it was a little naïve of you to think I wouldn't, considering how well you know me. You know?

Adrian: Hey. What's Vertigo do? Does it show you your worst fear?
Oliver: You're not my worst fear, Adrian. You're nowhere close.
Adrian: Oh. I know. Your worst fear is yourself. Your worst enemy is yourself. Guys like me, Ricardo Diaz, Damian Darhk, Ra's al Ghul, when it comes to destroying you, Oliver,... we all come in second place. You're the one enemy you can't defeat.