Which Is More Distracting
Which do you think is more distracting, Castle's polyester jacket or the collar on that shirt? We're not sure if that outfit should be immortalized or burned.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 20: "That '70s Show"
Rick Castle, Kate Beckett, Martha Rodgers
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Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.


Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Music

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Donna summer last dance Last Dance Donna Summer iTunes
Walter murphy a fifth of beethoven A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy iTunes
Silver convention get up and boogie thats right Get Up And Boogie (That'S Right) Silver Convention iTunes