Wade and Zoe
Just hook up already! That's what many Hart of Dixe fans are saying about Wade and Zoe.

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Hart of Dixie
Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 6: "The Undead and The Unsaid"
Zoe Hart, Wade Kinsella
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Array, New York
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Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This ain't driving Miss Zoe.


You are a certified crazy person, you know that? Historically, I found that hot, but I think I'm cured.


Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
The belle brigade my goodness My Goodness The Belle Brigade iTunes
Brooke annibale under streetlights Under Streetlights Brooke Annibale iTunes
Martinez and guthrie on and on On And On Martinez & Guthrie iTunes