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A nice picture of Vanessa Abrams in "The Lost Boy," from Season 3 of Gossip Girl. We know people hate her but perhaps there is hope yet.

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    I wanted a girl first but for some rseaon was setting myself up for getting a boy. Hubs always thought our baby would be a girl and he was right! I was in such disbelief that we were having a girl-- I was still confirming right after I gave birth. It was the first question I asked, "Is it a girl?!"


    No. Disagree.


    V is really out of style. and i suggest she needs to do more lecturing from blair and serena :) agree?


    You know I think it's funny because you're all jealous little Blair wannabe's. Get the fuck over yourselves. Vanessa isn't a stuck up rich bitch cunt from the upper east side, so what? GET A LITTLE VARIETY IN YOUR LIVES. She's a gorgeous woman who happens to be with Ed Westwick in real life, and it's funny how all you little teeny bopper girls want Meester, and Westwick to be together in real life. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND START ACTING A LITTLE BIT MORE DECENT. :D


    sorry but leighton meester IS the BEST looking girl on the show. Jessica looks like some creature from fraggle rock...


    omg, so many people taking Vanessas side.
    i thought this day would never come.
    i'm SO sick of all the vanessa-bashing :X
    she's great AND jessica szohr is hands down the best looking girl on the show.
    its a shame they uglify her a little bit for the show. :( :P


    All you sick jealous people...hating her just because she's different than those Upper Eastsiders + the hottest in the cast to boot. Also, just get over it already; Ed Westwick's hers for real and not one of your sick comments about her can change it!


    People just hate her because she dates Ed Westwick, which is ridiculus, grow up this is just a show not real life.


    thank for agreeing with me and anne st that was a good point :D


    Yes, ur totally right. if i don't have anything good to say i just dont say anything. i don't look for flaws and i don't hate on people just because. i guess those of us who are like that are more secure with ourselve. the only reason anybody can be so harshly critical of anybody else is out of envy or jealousy. i don't get it really bcause i'm just not a hater. it is okay to constructively criticize other people's work or appearance but it's totally different to be so mean and cruel to the pointt of verbal abuse.