V is For ...
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... Vanessa. Abrams. But hopefully for a small victory, of sorts, in that she is finally getting some promising story lines. We hope.

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    ew ew ew ew


    V for victory! V for having more storylines! V for having more fans in season 3! V for loving scott!...


    v is for venereal disease


    MrsBass3 said it all!
    She & Bart Bass shouldve been doing some seriously crazy stuff and died together in that airplane/limo ( i forgot )


    ..."the V to talk about" !


    i love vanessaaaa everyone needs to stop hating on her shes amazing and gorgeoussss shes soooo pretty and HOTTTTT !! shes the most down to earth character on the show and i love that about her she made the stories more interesting and oh gosh loved her and nate together ....jessica szohr is spectacular !!


    she looks great! this "look" is by far the best that she has on gossip girl.


    V is for Victorious! Finally, an outfit that looks beautiful on her.


    she'd better get good storylines this season, 'cause before she was just like.. there. and it was dreadfully annoying. don't get me wrong, i love vanessa, but god was she boring.
    jess looks gorgeous, btw. (:


    her stories arent that bad but everyone just likes everyone else more and when she butts into everyones favourite characters lives it just made everyone dislike her.
    i cant wait to see her in season 3 i really want to like vanessa cause i lovveeeee jess.