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Up to Her Old Tricks
What's Blair Waldorf scheming this week? We'll find out in in "In the Realm of the Basses."

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I LOVE HER WARDROBE! AND HER PURSES.. if only I could afford just one of her purses.. that red one is stunning!

Mrs basshole

I liked her skin better in 2.14, it looked smoother, the makeup varies from ep to ep, but yeah, she looks way more awesome than Blake! I heart Leighton : D


leighton looks so good in this picture!!!LOVE YA!!!!

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jenny: Okay no. That's not okay.
Eric: Here we go ...

Jenny: They treat her like their servant.
Eric: And it is none of your business. It's a new year, remember? A new Jenny Humphrey?