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Unsung Hero
Alex comforts Izzie in her time of need.

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That's such a heartbreaking photo !
I love how Alex convinced her to let go when noone else could ..
And damn Kath and Jeff can seriously act !! they should win some awards for that performance !!


This is the only thing I remember from this episode.
I cannot figure out why they are putting her and George together


I love, love love this photo.
It shows how much Alex loves Izzie.
And it is only him who can get her off Denny's death bed.

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Blake Lively in Vogue
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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 27 Quotes

CRISTINA: "I didn't like teenage girls when I was a teenage girl."
MEREDITH: "I wore a lot of black."
MEREDITH: "Had the whole angry pink hair thing going on. Wouldn't have been caught dead at a prom."
CRISTINA: "My mother made me go. My date barfed on my dress and then tried to feel me up."

DENNY: "What? You like your men sick and feeble? You don't dig healthy guys?"
IZZIE: "I dig you."