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Tony in Trouble
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Why is Tony tied up? Viewers will need to watch the September 22, 2009 season premiere to find out.

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    Obviously you have never been arrested and secured with those lovely zip-ties!!! They are rather hard and they cut into you; not to mention that they cannnot be adjusted! Once they are on and snugged tightly (or too tightly) the only way to get them off is to cut them... and sometimes a piece of you goes along for the ride.


    LOL . . . I love how his chair has got a comfy coushion on it! I mean . . . look at it! Look at the chair he's sitting across from! Compared to that rotting hunk of wood, Tony's chair is a throne! I'm just really amused by that. And . . . zip-ties? Really? Has that become the new binding or choice for all T.V. baddies? What happened to the good old days of ropes and rusty shakles? Again, just kind of amused. And I don't think this is really gonna take away from Ziva's story line . . . I mean, Tony probably just screwed up and got himself captured trying to rescue her. Tony's never been very good at the whole Knight in Shining Armor thing . . .


    og great yes.....why dont you just take the story line from Ziva...bloody hell...it is suposed to be a Ziva ep and a freaken Tony one. if he gets tortured then it takes the story line away from Ziva...i mean come on...she needed a good story line.....i thought it was only her in the place. thats is really peeded me off now!