The Winning Bid?
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Serena van der Woodsen makes a bid ... but on what? And does she win? This photo is from the third episode of Season 3 of Gossip Girl.

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    Why do they insist on putting her in clothes that make her look like she just finished her shift at the strip club?


    hahah, so funny picture xD
    Serena is cute .. :)


    the best scene!!! she's awsome!! \o/ and can't wait 4 her 2 be with dan again.. they r the best!!


    This season's fashions are getting alarming. Oh and Serena. WHY WONT YOU LEARN THAT GETTING IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHAIR FIGHT IS DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!?????


    she looks like kelly bundy!!!!!!!


    I love her shoes from were are they?


    there have been pictures before from filming where serena is wearing this dress and fighting with blair. remember anyone? xoxo


    did anyone notice the clutch she is holding was used by vanessa in season 2 in chuck in real life??????


    oh sexy and pretty... she looks perfect... as always


    i dont know why its says null up there my name is anne st i don't believe any spoilers unless it i read it from this site or justjared. but i wanted to say if Serena wins Blair is going to get her and that might affect their relationship. i really don't want them to fight this season. please producers don't make them fight