The Video Game Problem
Frank and Mac can't walk away from an online game on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. "Charlie Rules the World" is the eighth episode of the show's eighth season.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Episode 8: "Charlie Rules the World"
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Charlie: I'm getting sick of this shit. I really am. You keep treating me like a dumb-dumb and a grunt. I have potential, ya know. I could go places. I could do things. Who knows? I might even rule the world someday.
Dennis: Rule the world, huh? Yeah, if that happens, I'll blow myself.

Dennis: Real women don't even look like that.
Dee: Hey, guys!
Dennis: That (*points to Dee*) is what real women look like.
Mac: Dee, are you sick?
Dee: No! I feel great. I haven't been able to shower in a couple days. I've been gaming like a loon.