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The Romantic Side
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Sure, he kills people a lot and he has an attitude. But Damon can also be very romantic.

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    omg he looks so sweet there i just wanna makeout with him! haha^^


    Racquel...Elena is all those things except she can't kick his ass. THis isn't Buffy with Spike punching eachother all the time lmao. Elena is hot, she gives him attitude and puts him in HIS PLACE and is still sweet and kind.


    Omg! No! dont go for Elena!
    Damon need's a girl who will kick his ass when it need's a kicking
    And a girl who is Mighty Hot!
    And a girl who Is kind and Sweet
    but has a 'Bitch What you lookin at' side
    That would rock! ****Damon****


    totaly agree like sweet


    Oh my god! damon is so sweet! If ur in love with damon type ****Damon****


    There is a lot more to Damon than his evil side.
    There is a heart in there, buried deep in ice.
    He is afraid of getting hurt again if he lets down his shields. But he has started to trust Elena rather he wanted to or not... I can`t hate him, no matter what he does...


    Who can resist Damon being romantic? He looks very VERY handsome here.


    loving it