The Cast at the Funeral
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There's a funeral coming up on Gossip Girl. We aren't sure who dies, at least not 100 percent, but here's the cast getting into an altercation.

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    well it isent jenny because rufus isent at the wedding well i dont think so and rufus would be at wedding if it was venessa i agree its bart bass


    Okay, so it's Bart. But then looking at this pic, why is Dan there? I mean Serena and Aaron are visibly still together. Chuck can't stand him, Blair doesn't particularly like him either. Dan sent Nate off. Eric and Dan aren't really close. Dan and Lily are okay but she wouldn't have invited him to her husband's funeral. And it IS Bart, he and Dan weren't on good terms. Unless Dan felt sorry for trying to do Bart that way, he shouldn't be there. (Unless, this eppy is where D and S reunite)..


    has anyone ever seen the cast filming???


    Chuck Looks like Mr.Bean Sideways LOLLL


    Lucie: ditto!!


    Plus they just asked Connor, the guy who plays Eric, to become a regular, which he turned down. I don't know why they would offer him that if they were going to kill off his character. Plus the title of the episode should give a lot of way. And the fact that Chuck looks extremely upset. The person being killed off is a MALE character and a third-wheel to a relationship. Which is BART! and that leaves room for Rufus and Lily to get together. Not right away but eventually.


    Just because you don't see any photos of Jenny, Lily, or Eric yet doesn't meant they aren't there.


    My money's on Eric or Bart. But if Bart died then Eric should be there as well, which he doesnt seem to be. I wish they'd kill Jenny off tho, she's a wreck.


    it HAS to be Eric, no point killing off anyone else. it just wouldnt be as sad!


    Jenny get's pregnant eventually.... and I am starting to believe its Vanessa... or Bart
    one of the two...