(TALL) Monica's First Day - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2
Monica faces a challenge when she walks into the classroom for the first time on Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2.

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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2: "New Beginnings"
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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

[Kaycee drives over a pothole] Kaycee: Sorry. Didn't see that one coming.
John: Jesus. What are you, aimin' for them?

Keith: I did my best to straighten your incision. Looks like your vet used a bread knife. Well, it's healing. Soon you'll be free to terrorize small children at the rec center's pool.
John: Yeah.
Keith: Not a joke. I want you swimmin' twice a week. With an instructor.
John: Oh for God's sake, I know how to swim.
Keith: You don't know how to swim the rehab biz. My office will put you in touch with a rehab counselor. You know, you're in this situation because you didn't listen to your doctor. He saw a mass on your lung and told you to get a CT scan. And now you've just had major surgery for what a pill could have fixed.