Such BS
BS, as in Blair and Serena! Although a lot of things they say could be described as BS as well.

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Brazil love you too señera ass: felipe


LOVE Blair's necklace!!! Its the same one Alexa Chung had on in her show...soooooo cute! Its tuleste market, I NEED one!!!!!


and since only the guy remembers then blair/serena friendship is safe (:


one thing's for sure is it involves 2 girls because in nov 16 ep the flashback was said to have 'the girls' hair..' i hope jenny you're right ;)


i miss blair's 1st season hair...


OMG ye i think your right!! i really hope blair and serena will be best friends again!! i think its means 2 experience either 2 people or 2 things happen... i really hope something happens between jenny and nate. In the promo you hear chuck say " you two wanna kiss" with pictures of nate,jenny and chuck. i think its refering to them being together. Gonna be a awesome episode! I also love her outfit!!


what about "2 experience threesome"? what if there's more than one threesome in the episode? that'd be something:)


Yes, in the promo, it is blair and serena indeed, but the episode is called "They shoot HUMPHREY's, don't they?" The threesome must have Jenny or Dan, so it's definetly not Serena and Blair.


i think you're absolutely right


Ahhh Jenny I think you might be right!!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Have I not impressed upon you how important tomorrow night is? It's my debut in society. I have to be perfect, and that means having the perfect escort.


Have you been so busy you've forgotten what time it is? Let me give you a hint. Couture and cutthroat competition. It's time for Cotillion.

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