Stunning Serena
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We heart Serena van der Woodsen. We can't lie. Here she is, dressed up for a big night in "The Magnificent Archibalds," from Season Two of Gossip Girl.

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    lol, i love how it looks like blake is trying to pull the skirt down to make it longer :)


    eww dis outfit does not look nce.. it makes her look kinda fat u noee :P xx


    that skirt is so short and kinda ugly. b wouldnt wear that! at all.. she is too sopshicated for that kind of style. S would look good in it if she got a right body and if it were the right color- for s.


    She looks like.....a tramp.
    But thats probably the look she was trying to achieve....


    I think Serena looks way too slutty in this pic, so incredibly low class.. Skirt is way too short.. She always wears short skirts or dresses, but this time, the contrast of the skirt and fishnets is so noticeable that u can't help but notice its length..
    Generally speaking I'd give Serena an 8/10.. She does irritate me a lot with her complete change in personality from a "sleep with every man that gives me coke or drinks" to "oh my god, i don't want to hurt no one's feelings".. it's too much change in personality that does not make sense.. No one can change that much..
    Also, u'd expect a girl like Serena to be way more smarter when dealing with relationships with men after having slept with so many.. I.E. Dan shows her attitude.. Wtf?? He is the one being wrong most of the time and Serena always apologizes.. No, he has to apoogize way more.. - Also, letting Aaron date other girls, while with her?? Wow.. No one should settle for that.. Especially an experienced girl like Serena..
    If Serena was a bit bitchier, I would absolutely love her.. Gossip girl's angel should not be played by Serena.. She's way too sexy for that..


    merhaba arkadaşlar şu an beni pek anlamicaksınız ama ben yinede yorumumu yapayım bu dizi süper türkiyede de yayınlanıyor çok severek izliyorum işşallah hep devam eder en çok blair karakterini seviyorum :)


    I completely agree with B. Y'all obviously have no sense of style, how are you even GGirl fans?! Red/Orange is a HOT color combo and the only HOE in here are you sluts.


    sorry but you people dont know what you are talking about! it is ALL about the color this year. and also, she does not look fat nor wide at the hips. quit hating


    "B" would neverrrrr wear that its wayyy to skanky. and serena shouldn't be wearing it either it makes her look fat and her legs which usually look great look FAT. this outfit looks awful on her-she looks like a prostitute from pretty woman.


    okay y does serena always dress like a hoe?