Stealing Back Their Weapons - Dark Matter
The crew must figure out how to steal back their weapons on Dark Matter. "One More Card to Play" is the sixth episode of the show's third season.

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Dark Matter
Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6: "One More Card to Play"
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Adrian: What are we doing here?
Solara: Talking?
Adrian: No, on this ship, with the crew of the Raza? They’re the galaxy’s Most Wanted. Legends. And we’re useless.
Solara: Speak for yourself.
Adrian: Because of us, they almost got killed on the Traugott colony, got trapped in a time loop, got sent off on a wild goose chase--
Solara: Uh, again, I need to point out that was *all* you.

I’ve already killed you once. Please don’t ask me to do it again!

Two [aggravated]