Nice BMW! Sutten likes what she sees here in the pilot episode of The Lying Game.
Sutton is seen here with her adoptive mom. She seeks out her birth parents on the premiere of The Lying Game.
Alexandra Chando plays two roles on The Lying Game. She's seen here as Sutton Mercer.
Well, hello there! Emma and Sutton meet for the first time in this Lying Game photo.
Emma gets off a bus in this series premiere pic and wonders: Where the heck am I?
It's twice the Alexandra Chandro! The actress takes on two roles in The Lying Game.
The Lying Game is new to ABC Family. It stars Alexandra Chando as a girl in search of her family.

The Lying Game Quotes

You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


The Lying Game Music

  Song Artist
Off the wall Off The Wall Cham Pain iTunes
Magic bullets for romance For Romance Magic Bullets iTunes
The light brigade when the world plays tricks on you When The World Plays Tricks On You The Light Brigade iTunes