In the South Park episode, "It Hits the Fan," the show sees how many times it can say the word "shit." Gotta love SP.
When Towelie gets high and loses his job at a summer camp, the South Park boys stage an Intervention.
Cartman and his hand puppet, Mitch Connor, attempt to find out Cartman's father's true identity in the South Park episode, "201."
When Stan insults Tom Cruise on a class tip, he gathers the army of celebrities South Park has insulted over the years. There's 200 of them. 200th episode. Get it?
Cartman hosts a Facebook video blog called Mad Friends, which parodies Jim Cramer's Mad Money.
Randy gives himself testicular cancer in order to get medicinal marijuana. Makes sense to us.
Butters takes credit for writing "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" after the boys try and pass the blame to them.
South Park parodied the Tiger Woods sex scandal during its season fourteen premiere.

South Park Quotes

It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation, this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

</i> Cartman

Chinpokomon Executive: You are American.
South Park Toy Store Owner: Yes.
Chinpokomon Executive: Ohhh, you must have very big penis!
South Park Toy Store Owner: Excuse me, I was just asking you what your up to with these toys.
Chinpokomon Executive: Nothing, we are very simple people with very small penis. Mr. Hosik's penis is especially small!
Mr. Hosik: So small.
Chinpokomon Executive: We cannot achieve so much with such small penis, but you American wow, penis so big, so big penis!
South Park Toy Store Owner: Well aah I guess it is pretty good size.