Tom Cavanagh returns yet again as J.D.'s brother, Dan, on Scrubs.
In a flashback to an old frat party at college, J.D. wears black face paint while Turk wears white.
Turk does his best to deny Carla wine when he discovers she's pregnant before she does.
The beautiful Maria Menounos guest stars on Scrubs as Tamara, a girl only interested in J.D. for his hair.
After being unable to conceive, Carla, already on fertility medicine herself, questions Turk's fertility.
Dave Foley guest stars as Dr. Hedrick on Scrubs as he annoys a grieving Cox and J.D.
The hospital says goodbye to one of their favorite patients, Mrs. Wilk.
Elliot choose Keith, J.D.'s intern and nemesis, has her partner for bootycalls.
All of Sacred Heart crushes on the new gynecologist, Dr. Matthews, played by Jay Kenneth Johnson.
Mandy Moore begins her multi-episode arc as Julie Quinn, a love interest for J.D. on Scrubs.
Jason Bateman guest stars as a crazy patient, Mr. Sutton on Scrubs.
Elliot tries to convince people she's an expert in endocrinology after her brief fellowship.

Scrubs Quotes

J.D. [to Cox]: you won't admit this, but you're in love with Carla.
Carla: No, he's not.
Dr. Cox: Actually, I am.
Carla: You're starting again.
J.D.: And Carla, you're mad that Turk didn't trust you enough to tell you.
Turk: See? Trust, woman, trust!
J.D.: Whatever. The point is that Turk is sorry.
Turk: Not anymore!
Carla: I can't believe you thought he was a threat.
Dr. Cox: I'm a threat!
Carla: You're not in love with me, you idealize me.
J.D.: Can we just try and stay focused...
Turk: You're mad 'cause I'm scared of losing you?
Carla: Yes, because we're stronger than that!
Dr. Cox: Apparently not!

J.D.: My man Turk, is getting it daily and nightly and ever so rightly! Ah! What up, dogg!
J.D.'s narration: Once every 4.2 seconds a man says something stupid that a woman hears and punishes him for... luckily, this wasn't one of those times.
Carla: What did you just say?
J.D.: "What up...dogg?"