She just wants to be normal. Claire is off to college when season four of Heroes premieres.
Peter, and all the Heroes, are faced with new enemies on season four: a traveling carnival of people with abilities.
You can't kill Tracy Strauss! The ice queen seeks revenge during the fifth volume of Heroes.
On season four of Heroes, Hiro comes down with a serious illness. In this shot from the season premiere, Ando tries to help his pal.
He's not dead. Emile Danko makes his presence felt on the season four premiere of Heroes.
Claire Bennet is back to her cheerleading ways. She's wearing an outfit very similar to what she donned on season one in this summer 2009 set photo.
Will Heroes try to save the cheerleader and the world during season four? Hayden Panettiere is seen here in her former outfit, filming a scene for the fall of 2009.
Ouch! This shot of Claire Bennet from season four of Heroes proves that she doesn't actually live a normal life at college. At least we know she'll quickly heal herself.

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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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