Wade, Lavon, and Lemon look like they're giving Zoe a piece of their minds.
Lavon and Lemon look very serious. Who are they both looking at?
Zoe looks like she needs to speak with Wade about something important.
It sure is a good thing Zoe's getting off of her feet.
Where are Annabeth and Lemon going? Annabeth looks concerned.
Lemon looks very serious sitting in her car. What's got her worried?
The whole town is talking about the rumored end of Bluebell on Hart of Dixie. "End of Days" is the ninth episode of the show's fourth season.
George and Annabeth share a sweet dance at Brick's party.

Hart of Dixie Quotes

Zoe: So I don't believe in marriage. You know my parents, theirs was a complete sham so why would I?
George: Because Wade does.
Zoe: But why? We love each other. We're having a baby together. Why do we need some piece of paper to prove it?
George: Because it's more than just a piece of paper, Zoe. I mean we're talking about Wade Kinsella, renowned ladies' man that we're talking about here. Now he wants to stand up in front of everyone he cares about and vow that he will love you and be faithful to you for the rest of his life. Forever. I mean, it's like it's the last stage of his metamorphosis, you know. He wants to show us all just how much he's changed, and that's a pretty damn big deal.

[To Lemon] I never know what you want.


Hart of Dixie Music

  Song Artist
Song Hold On Wilson Phillips iTunes
Good girls go bad Good Girls Go Bad Cobra Starship iTunes
Susanna Susanna Trickbag iTunes