Chuck ends up shirtless and in nothing but a towel during his final spy exam.
Chuck and Sarah come to rescue Casey when he's imprisoned by the CIA. Sounds like treason to us.
Zachary Levi makes his directorial debut with "Chuck Versus the Beard" as he instructs Scott Krinsky.
Lester grabs the microphone when Jeff and Lester's band, Jeffster, makes a return on Chuck.
An extreme close-up of everyone's favorite creep at the Buy More, Jeff.
A picture of Lester in relaxed mode with his popped collar.
Chuck gets left behind at Castle while the gang goes on a mission without him.
When Chuck is left behind on a mission, he has to square off against Morgan at the Buy More.

Chuck Quotes

Payback's a bitch, Charlie.


Chuck: You know, for a few days, I thought things were going to be different. I could have a life. I could have a girlfriend. I could be a regular human being. I thought Jill was...
Sarah: Different?
Chuck: No. Normal.

Chuck Music

  Song Artist
Wait it out Wait It Out Imogen Heap iTunes
Black and gold Black and Gold Sam Sparro iTunes
Just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In) Kenny Rogers iTunes